Bring the society to naturally integrate durability and design for a greener, healthier and more beautiful world. 


Motivated by the principles of sustainable development, we are committed to meeting the needs, expectations and desires of our customers by creating concepts that stand the test of time. With simple and inexpensive principles, we integrate ecological solutions into our concepts, whatever the budget and the size of the project.


We are always looking for new challenges, creative solutions and innovative techniques. Our insatiable curiosity pushes us to exceed the expectations of our customers by developing unique spaces where aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality combine.


Listening, available and flexible, we develop a warm approach, conducive to unique exchanges and projects. Respectful of the universes of our customers and the ideas of all our partners, we proceed to a subtle amalgamation which makes the richness of our concepts.


Customers are at the heart of the process in each of our projects. We immerse ourselves into their universe in order to develop a concept in harmony with the philosophy of the brand. Collaboration, coordination and monitoring are the foundations of our approach.



Projects director

Founding designer

Founder of the agency, for Marie Eve ISSADESIGN is more than a business, but the reflection of a passion. Designer of the environment for more than 12 years, she finds her inspiration mainly in her travels. She takes pleasure in saying that the world we live in is 100% design. Some designs created by man, others by nature, all in harmony.

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Projects manager

Roxane is always ready to take on new challenges and likes to gather everyone's strength when developing a project. Her sensitivity and humor allow her to quickly put her friends, colleagues and clients in confidence. Roxane's marked interest in visual art allows her to adopt a meaningful design process for her clients


Projects manager

With her College, Bachelor and DESS degrees in interior design,  Florence has a real interest in this field of practice and this is impossible to hide ! Enthusiastic and efficient, her strength lies in the conceptual aspect of the projects despite good software knowledge and technical skills.



Projects manager

Dedicated to giving the best of herself; she manages to find solutions to everything. It is for this reason that it is a pleasure to work as a team with her. Her conceptual approach is distinguished by her attention to detail. Her rational nature allows it to carry out innovative projects and to defend her point of view well.

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Projects manager

Gabrielle contributes to the team in a versatile way through her conceptual and technical skills. Curious by nature, she likes to travel and learn more about her surroundings, allowing her to integrate this new knowledge into everyday life and to enrich the concepts she takes pride in carrying to the very end.



Admnistrative coordinator

Multidisciplinary, Marielle graduated in interior design, advertising, administration and soon in entrepreneurship. She likes to thrive in an environment where her creativity and her technical sense can coexist. Her colleagues describe her as ambitious, creative, responsible and with a great sense of humor.