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Advising every corporate, commercial and residential organisation in search of design solutions.

Design and develop projects in symbiosis with our clients' environment by integrating their world.


Corporate interior design

To contribute to the integration of design as a lever for growth, added value and success.

Commercial space design

Putting the client at the heart of the process and the project. Collaboration, coordination and follow-up are the foundations of our approach.

Residential architecture

To create facilities that allow people to enjoy a functional, aesthetic and sustainable environment on a daily basis.

Material inspirations

Technology for healthy and sustainable architecture

To bring society to naturally integrate design and sustainability for a greener, healthier, more beautiful world.

Eco-responsible and sustainable project
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Our expertise

Biophilic design

Create spaces that take into consideration the evolution of humans and the ecosystem of which they are a part. Incorporate various biophilic strategies into the design to reduce stress and restore energy levels.

Feasibility study

Rethinking the spaces in which we live and work every day, taking into account the evolution of the corporate world, discoveries and technological, social and health advances. We create occupancy and design scenarios to guide you in the redesign of your spaces.

The process

To inspire, educate and advise every corporate, commercial and institutional organisation in search of design solutions.



Sketches and material proposals.
  • Comprehensive survey of the existing site layout
  • Review of existing codes and standards
  • Design sketch, blocking plan
  • Aesthetic concept and preliminary proposal of finishes and materials
  • Proposal of accessories, equipment and furniture


Preliminary plans and design development
  • Preliminary plans and specifications
  • 3D layout and rendering
  • Coloured plans and elevations for client approval
  • Signage and branding of the premises
  • Preparation of budget estimates

Procedure and follow-up for permits

Plans and specifications for permits and follow-up with municipalities
  • Plans and specifications for permits
  • Preparation of the building sheet
  • Submission for permit and follow-up with the municipality
  • Coordination and monitoring
  • Client and municipality meeting


Drawing up plans and specifications for submission
  • Plans and specifications for tender
  • Technical specifications
  • Construction details
  • Finishing slips
  • Cabinetwork details

Management of the tender

Follow-up during the tender period and recommendation for award
  • Participation in the visit of the bidders
  • Follow-up during the tender process and production of addenda
  • Validate equivalence and alternative proposals submitted by bidders
  • Participation in the opening of tenders and analysis of tenders received
  • Preparation of a comparative table and recommendation for award


Monitoring during construction until final delivery of the project
  • Plans and specifications for construction including addendums
  • Monitoring and supervision of the site
  • Preliminary and final inspection, drafting of deficiency lists
  • Preparation of substantial and final completion certificates
  • As-built drawings of each specialty from the contractor's annotated drawings
Sketches by an interior designerFramed photograph of a project by ISSA Design

They trust us

"ISSADESIGN listened to our needs and proposed and implemented efficient processes to optimize the use of resources assigned to our projects. An excellent collaboration was established between ISSADESIGN and our on-site team, improving our joint interventions."
Senior Director, Property Management and Projects

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