Type of project
47410 sq.ft. - 4405 sq.m.
Montreal, QC
Our mandate was to create a corporate space for 250 employees with as few walls as possible to allow users to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Montreal.
Ideation, design, development.
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The bar-café serves as both a meeting place for employees and a reception area for visitors, making the arrival more friendly and less formal.
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The curve adds a softness to the working environment while reflecting the light that falls on it. These gestures are intended to finely evoke nature in addition to leaving room for the viewer with their purity and nuanced details.
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One of the strongest gestures of this project is the intention to connect the two floors by creating a staircase. When passing from one floor to the other, the occupant has to walk around a tree at the foot of the stairs.
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