Mels Studios

Type of project
17,900 sq.ft. - 1,663 sq.m.
Montreal, QC
Set up an environment reflecting the professionalism of Mels while highlighting the quality of their service. Project realized in collaboration with an acoustician.
Ideation, design, development, tender management, supervision.
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Working in closed, soundproof and dark rooms, it was important for us to design common environments for the employees that emphasised light, texture and material in order to stimulate the designers' other senses.
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The cinematic universe, being an undeniable source of atmosphere creation, inspired Issadesign. The agency wanted to enrich this characteristic and it was with this in mind that the lighting was designed to suggest a theatrical environment.
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One of the project's special features was to design the first studio with Dolby Atmos 9.1.4 Home Entertainment certification in Quebec. With this initiative, MELS continues to attract new projects and position itself to remain a leader in post-production
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