VertU Health Bar

Type of project
1200 sq.ft. - 111 sq.m.
Montreal, QC
Create a street-front space that exudes health and freshness. Fresh grass, vibrant colour, a bright and airy space to live in.
Ideation, Design, Development, Tender management, Supervision.
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The integration of nature into the space was at the heart of the design of VertU Bar Santé. The entire project was implemented with a nod to several elements of nature, both in the design and in the concept.
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The "nutritowers", vertical gardens, are located in the centre of the space, allowing fresh herbs to be grown in summer and winter, and offering customers and visitors a chlorophyll-filled respite in the heart of Mile End.
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The large infinity table is a nod to the cycle of nature, which is in eternal renewal. The freshness of the menu is reflected in every detail of the concept, from the sky-blue ceiling to the fruit-coloured boxes and the grass-green stools.
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