We are ISSADESIGN, an integrated environmental design studio.

To bring society to naturally integrate design and sustainability for a greener, healthier, more beautiful world.

Framed photograph of a project by ISSA Design

The studio

Founded in 2011 by Marie Eve Issa, the studio is motivated by the principles of sustainable development. We are committed to meeting the needs, expectations and desires of our customers by creating concepts that stand the test of time.

Date of foundation
Mile-end, Montreal
Completed projects
More than 435
Eco-responsible and sustainable project

The Team

Professionals who listen, are available and flexible, we develop a warm approach, favourable to exchanges and unique projects.

Marie-Eve Issa

founding designer (2011-2023)

Founder of Issadesign, Marie-Eve fait was a fervent advocate of more nature-based design. She was determined to make it her professional cause. Sustainable development and the relationship between the environment and the individual were always at the heart of her creative process. Marie-Eve, who passed away in 2023, was and will remain a great inspiration to the team with her vision and sensitive approach to interior design. We would like to pay tribute to Marie-Eve by continuing in her footsteps.

Florence Goulet Pelletier


A graduate of the Technique, Bachelors and DESS in Interior Design from the University of Montreal, Florence has a real interest in this field of practice. Enthusiastic and efficient, her strength lies in the conceptual aspect of the projects in spite of good software knowledge and technical skills.

Margaux Didier


An architectural technician and interior designer, Margaux is mainly involved in the technical and conceptual aspects of the agency's projects. Her rigour and professionalism make her an important asset within the project teams.

Héloïse Vatcher


Héloïse is a dynamic designer with a degree in communications and interior design. Her sensitivity and humor enable her to quickly put her friends, colleagues and customers at ease. She is enthusiastic and attentive to everyone's needs.

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