Type of project
33 150 sq.ft. - 3080 sq.m.
Piscataway, NJ
To create a space representing the values of respect for the environment and recycling at the corporate space of the New Jersey plant.
Ideation, design, development and supervision.
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Inspired by its function, i.e. cardboard processing, the factory's layout project projects us into a minimalist and structured universe.
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The integration of natural materials with minimal treatment in the space is easily identifiable by the presence of wood, but also by the use of colours found in nature, such as green.
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The layout of the offices allows users to use the different activity areas according to their current needs, so as to encourage productivity, concentration and creativity. Textures and colours have also been chosen with this in mind.
We particularly appreciated your efforts in the choice of materials, lighting, colours and design with high quality products that will remain beautiful for many years. In addition, you submitted several innovative ideas to us. Your team has shown professionalism and thoroughness.
Patrick Chaperon
Project Manager
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