Type of project
5250 sq.ft. - 490 sq.m.
Montreal, QC
To develop an office concept that puts the kitchen and the meeting place at the centre of the design.
Ideation, design, procedure and follow-up for permits, development, tender management and supervision.
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Much more than a renovation, the OATBOX office design project reinvents the space and exploits the full potential of a dilapidated former garage that once belonged to an iconic Montreal restaurant.
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The balance between the corporate and residential environment is the result of an ingenious combination of light, materiality and furniture. The architectural personality is defined by the simplicity and sophistication of the materials, wood, marble, panelling, concrete and brick.
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The visual continuity between the various functions and the controlled scale of the project make the space inviting and conducive to the creation of products suitable for everyday use.
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