Type of project
1,150 sq.ft. - 107 sq.m.
Montreal, QC
To design a restaurant inspired by the aesthetics of Argentina where colours, textures and patterns come together.
Ideation, Design, Development, Tender management, Supervision.
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As soon as you enter, a long bench with cushions made of Argentinian fabrics highlights the exposed brick wall, referring to the building's historical past.
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Two intimate seating areas have been created around the storefront to gather with friends near the festivities of this lively neighbourhood. Upon arrival, at the ordering counter, the open kitchen allows you to admire the art of empanada making.
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The space is punctuated by an abundance of cacti reminiscent of the arid landscapes of Argentina. The use of vivid colours and the creation of visual depth through the different layers of menu panels make this space dynamic and invigorating.
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